Getting in Front of Your Audience requires the Right Technology

Staying on top of a connected World is the Battle of the Ages and  we’re here for it and you!

Serving  Tens of Thousands

Taking Your Message Worldwide

There are so many platforms but no worries. We help creators get to market and be heard.

Websites, Sales Platforms, SEO

Using Social Media and everything else to get the word out, we make sure your message is received & your products sold.


Coding and App Development

We offer competitive Scripting and Coding services to address your needs in multiple Coding languages. Give us a call today.

Team NDGNuity

Office Computing & Services

File and Data retrieval, password recovery, yes. Workstation and servers? Absolutely! Printing and Network setup? Give us a call!

Team NDGNuity

Audio, Film, Animation & Streaming

Full AI blog posts, blog topic ideas, intros, bullet point expansion, tone changer, paraphrasing tool, and so much more!

Data, Networking & Cloud Services

Whether on location, cloud or mixed strategy we can design and implement VPN & other infrastructure for a range of needs. 

Team NagaTEL

VOIP Phone Systems

Full AI blog posts, blog topic ideas, intros, bullet point expansion, tone changer, paraphrasing tool, and so much more!
Team NagaTEL

Pageviews per Month


Streaming Viewers per Month


Internet Points of Presence

You provide your Signature Customer & Product Experience

We’ll take care of creating seamless infrastructure that allows you to manage your attention to the details.

Johannesburg Systems'
Humble Beginnings

It was 2012, Websites & Desktop Publishing were our jam. So too were business cards.

Reasons for Rebranding

Johannesburg as a destination is great, a business name in the State of CA in the USA, not so much! After a few twist and turns we’ve settled on Nagaxi.

What's With the Labels

Audio DAWs, Centrex Phone Systems, Film Production and Video Games have each moved from specialized hardware to everyday Workstations and square into our Wheel House. Clarifying our product matrix into and under segmented Labels better positions our marketing efforts and assist us in communicating efficiently with our client base.

The Same Stellar Service

Expect even better service and responsiveness as our communication and engagement reach new heights.

We're in the Business of Connection

Your Audience, Your Team, Your Servers, Your Data or AI; Let us Get You Connected Today.

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Nagaxi The Secret Weapon
That Brings Your Plans & Tech Together

We provide seamless solutions and unify your existing infrastructure, workgroups and apps.


In case You're Wondering

Here are a few answers to often asked questions

What do we do with your contact information?

The Nagaxi Battle Group doesn’t cold call or sell your information. Phone & SMS/MMS are not required on our forms and contact by such means is only used when specifically requested by prospective and current clients only.

You seem to provide a lot of services do you have a specialty?

Its true we have a wide service menu but we deliver on anything contracted.

Is your pricing affordable?

Our pricing tends toward competitive but without specifics there’s no way to say for certain. Reach out for a consultation.

Does Nagaxi take on unfished projects begun by other developers?

We don’t have a hard and fast policy. It would depend on the code or infrastructure involved and several other factors that only a consultation will reveal. Contact us today.

With Our Tools

You will make it happen.